Caribbean sailing

Come aboard for a fabulous sailing vacation!
Where we sail

Why is the Caribbean such a fantastic place to sail?

The answer is simply the weather…… and the fact that when Europe and North America are locked into cold winter weather the Caribbean offers weather that is at its very best and ideal for sailing.

Temperatures throughout the Caribbean between December and June are what you have always imagined the tropics to be… sunshine and warm breezes.

With temperatures averaging about 75-80°F, 24-25°C and an almost constant easterly breeze averaging 10-15 kts it is a very comfortable climate.

Added to that the sea temperature is only 3-4 degrees less that the air temperature, making swimming both surprisingly pleasant and refreshing.

Both myself and Summer Breeze have been sailing in the Caribbean for many years and it is an area I have never grown tired of sailing.

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Sailing Trips

St Martin – BVI one way

St Martin to BVI Cruise Assuming arrival at Princess Juliana Airport. Summer Breeze will be at anchor or in a Marina. Day 1     Sightseeing and...

St Lucia – Dominica round trip

St Lucia to Dominica Round Trip Start point Marigot Bay Day 1     Welcome aboard and setting in. Drinks aboard meal ashore Day 2     Sail to the...

St Lucia/Martinique – Grenada one way

St Lucia to Grenada ..One Way Start Rodney Bay Marina Day 1     Welcome aboard Day 2     Complete formalities. Sail to Marigot Bay for lunch...

St Martin area cruise

St Martin Area Cruise A cruise designed for those who do not want to undertake long sails. As there are only a few islands to visit I have chosen...

BVI area cruise

There are no big distances to cover here – it’s all line of sight navigation and short hops between dozens of islands and anchorages....
US$875 person/week

St Kitts – Anguilla round trip

St Kitts to St Martin/Anguilla Cruise This cruise is intended to take away some of the longer sails undertaken if starting in Antigua Start would...

Antigua – Dominica round trip

Antigua to Dominica Round Trip Start Falmouth or English Harbour Day 1     Welcome aboard settle in Day 2     Sightseeing then sail to Jolly...

St Lucia round trip

St Lucia to Dominica Round Trip Start point Marigot Bay Day 1     Welcome aboard and setting in. Drinks aboard meal ashore Day 2     Sail to the...
US$875 person/week

Grenada round trip

20 Feb 2016 - 05 Mar 2016
Grenada to Tobago Cays round trip Start Point Prickly Bay Grenada Day 1     Sail to St Georges..sightseeing Day 2     Sail to Carriacou…possibly...
US$875 person/week

Antigua – St Martin/Anguilla round trip

Antigua to St Martin Most international flights into Antigua arrive mid afternoon and by the time you are aboard and settled in it is fairly late...

Antigua – St Lucia one way

Antigua to St Lucia One Way Start point is Falmouth/English Harbour Day 1     Arrive and settle in. Day 2     Sightseeing. And short sail to...
$850$USPer/person/week. £@current exchange rate
All breakfasts/lunches on board
Evening meals on board (approx 3-4/week)
Bottled drinking water
All mooring, marina fees & fuel costs
All immigration fees whilst on board
Own cabin – 10% discount for sharing
Pro rata for additional days after the first week
Not included: Flights, transfers, alcohol & mixers/soft drinks
Payment by bank transfer or Paypal (5% surcharge applies for Paypal)