N. Leeward Sailing Area
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This area covers islands from Antigua to St Maarten/St Martin to the north west. Antigua is full of history and it is well worth spending a day or two exploring.

Antigua and Barbuda are one country and perhaps the one place you could easily spend an entire holiday if you wanted less sailing and more beach time. Antigua is famed for having 365 beaches and many secure anchorages, a fabulous choice of restaurants, bars and nightlife so no need to get bored.

For those choosing to sail the area as a round trip 60 miles north west of Barbuda is the French island of St Barts or to use it’s full name St Barthelemy is famed for being the island of choice for the very rich yet still retains it ordinariness.

Within a few miles further north can be found the beautiful island of St Maarten[Dutch side] St Martin [French side] also with some fabulous beaches, restaurants and night life. Anguilla lies but 6 miles further north. My personal favourite due to its laid back atmosphere and stunning beaches. The return to Antigua can be quite a hard sail but with the islands of St Kitts and Nevis along the way the longest distance to be sailed non-stop is 40 miles.