Summer Breeze is returning Trans Atlantic in May 2017 to operate operate from Gibraltar over the summer months ..June though October. This is a non commercial re- positioning passage and i am actively seeking suitable crew for the trip, Antigua to Gibraltr via the Azores, Portugal and Spain on a cost sharing basis. A fabulous oportunity to study and practice the art of astro navigation. I have two sextants aboard plus all necessary almanacs etc… of course multiple GPS back up systems.
This will possibly be my last Trans Atlantic crossing having already made twenty such trips over the last 33 years. Nine trips, east to west and eleven west to east

Once there i intend to offer skippered charters in and around the Straits of Gibraltar, Spain and Morroco.
Skipper and owner Colin Thomas is a retired RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Instructor and the author of the Straits Sailing Handbook …the difinitive and well respected sailing guide for the Straits and now in it’s 17th year of publication.
There are both one and two week sailing opportunities for groups of singles and families to explore this culturally fascinating and historically rich area.
Colin spent some 15years as a sailing a instructor here and has an in depth knowledge of not only where to sail but how best to do it.
For those learning to sail why not build miles and gain experience with the master?