Almost all my clients are repeats customers. Some have sailed with me on two or three occasions, some for many more!! Once you have experienced sailing here it is quite normal to want to return…but often to a different sailing area to experience different islands.

The Caribbean is simply too large geographically to sail it all in one go, unless that is you have several months to spare. So I have concentrated on four main sailing areas, each slightly different from each other but importantly, each area has one and in some cases two major international airports affording easy access from both Europe and North America. In some cases there is also easy access from South America also.

Each area covers a total distance of about 100 miles making a round trip back to the start point of about 200-250 miles. A distance easily covered in two weeks. Or alternatively at a slower pace you could complete a ‘one way’ charter. Sailing is not strictly limited to any particular area and it is quite easy to create a custom itinerary to suit your needs.

A one way charter is often as simple as booking your out-bound flight into one island and the return flight from another island. For example both BA and Virgin Atlantic will allow a flight into Antigua and the return flight from say St Lucia to the south or you could return to Antigua from say St Maarten to the northwest via LIAT the popular inter island flight specialist.

What is important however is to remember that from an operational point of view it is important to me to start a charter within a few miles of the point where the previous charter finished.

British Virgin Islands Northern Leewards Islands Image Map